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  COVID-19 Crisis 

XGuard Security provides security agents everywhere across Quebec since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis. Despite the fact that we operate in many different sectors, we have acquired a particular expertise in everything related to COVID-19 and all the norms and security measures around it.

Our agents have worked in the hearth of a large number of IRs, PSRs and CHSLDs in Quebec — We are familiar with the current situation.

We work in partnership with the MSSS, the CIUSSSs, the CISSS of Laval and the prevention and control of infections team : COVID-19 (lead by Dr Maude Saint-Jean, MD FRCPC, Infectious Microbiologist - chief of service; microbiology-infectious diseases clinic - department of specialised medicine - CISSS of Laval)

Our services and skills related to the crisis:

 Coordinate and establish protocols to assure the security of the health care employees and the residents of the establishments
 Educate the healthcare personal, the caregivers and the visitors on the safety measures
 Writing protocols and establishing security measures to prevent, control and limit COVID-19 propagation
 Establishing buffer zones to limit the cold, warm and hot zones according to the prescribed measures by the infectious disease experts and the public health department
 Protecting residents (including all residents with mental health issues, alzheimers, etc.) and intervention in residences
 Helping healthcare workers in their daily tasks to allow them to perform their tasks more efficiently
 Access control, keeping a register and summary of COVID-19 symptomes
 Management of deliveries, disinfection of packages and managing entries and ex


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