Why choose our security agency

Why choose our security agency

If you hold an official position or are responsible for a certain infrastructure, you know better than anyone how essential it is to protect individuals and key locations in order keep the government machine running smoothly. Sometimes this represents a lifetime of work and investment. So why take the risk of losing everything? We will explain the advantages of working in tandem with a security agency such as XGuard in order to ensure the protection of your possessions.
First of all, since every situation is different, be sure to define your specific requirements. A good security agency will be able to offer you a tailor-made service adapted to your needs. We are a local company with extensive experience of over ten years and a good knowledge of the industry; we are easy to get in touch with as well. Hiring a security agency is delegating responsibility to the security guards on site. During your first contact, you will find that our company can be convincing in terms of our ability to manage the situation at any time while minimizing the impact on your ongoing activities. In other words, you are buying your peace of mind!
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Our services include:

 Surveillance of construction sites for the government and municipalities
 Security agents trained to your needs
 Mobile patrol (parks, parkings, traffic control, road arteries, etc)
 Access control
 Fire prevention
 Vandalism and intrusion prevention
  Theft prevention


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We should call you in the next few minutes to clarify your needs and requirements. You will then receive your quote within a few hours.
Interested in our offer? Our regional director – yes, director – will meet with you in person to develop the protocols and ensure the safety of your employees and the smooth running of your operations.
You will be in direct contact with XGuard Security’s regional director. You will get his personal phone number and he will follow up with you to keep up to date with your situation.
The Work and Qualification of Security Guards

The Work and Qualification of Security Guards

Given the nature of the tasks of security guards, it is important that they have all the skills required to ensure the proper protection of the individuals and the sites to which they are assigned. For that purpose, XGuard security staff are trained to possess a wide range of skills for ensuring the security of property and individuals and to maintain an optimal level of protection against theft and vandalism, in addition to the essential and fundamental elements of professionalism, namely respect, discretion, responsiveness, efficiency and availability at all times.

The Benefits of Using Security Guards

The main benefit of using security guards, or a more general security system, is the resulting deterrent effect, which helps to prevent most such incidents from simply happening. Whether you are hiring security guards or setting up a system of alarms and detectors, the mere presence of the system causes additional effort and a loss of precious time for thieves and vandals, who will not venture to take action out of fear of being caught; these measures are also highly adaptable and can be used in any type of location- office buildings, parking spaces, residential structures, private dwellings, industrial parks, etc.

At XGuard Security, you will find modern security services fitting today’s reality. You will be able to rely on our team of experts with over ten years of experience in the field of maintaining a truly secure environment for workers as well as for resources or installations. We also offer a wide array of complementary services in traffic signalling and medical security to allow you to live day-to-day serenely and focus entirely on your own business.
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