XGuard Security provides customized services in the healthcare field, for clients such as hospitals, clinics, pharmacies or other medical establishments.
If you own a clinic or are responsible for a medical institution, you know better than anyone how essential it is to protect your facilities in order to ensure the health of patients, as well as to intervene in situations involving patients at risk. Sometimes this represents a lifetime of work and investment. So why take the risk of losing everything? We will explain the advantages of working in tandem with a security agency such as XGuard in order to ensure the protection of your patients and your facilities.

XGuard Security Takes Action to Counter a Second Wave of COVID-19


XGuard Security Takes Action to Counter a Second Wave of COVID-19

COVID-19 in retirement homes here in Quebec

When the pandemic hit, elderly people were identified as the most vulnerable, especially those of 70 years of age and older. According to the Montreal Public Health Department, 76% of long-term care facilities were affected by cases of COVID-19, and 88% of the pandemic-related deaths occurred in those institutions.

An evolving crisis

As students return to school and as many people fail to respect the government rules due to social fatigue, the number of COVID-19 cases keeps increasing. In order to avoid a disaster in the healthcare network, XGuard Security is offering a comprehensive solution to setup essential protocols in time.


XGuard Security is
Stepping up and Taking Action

Since March, we have been working alongside with multiple public health branches to ensure the safety of the staff and residents in hundreds of healthcare resources such as CHSLDs, PSRs, IRs and hospitals.


Our teams are hard at work across the province, including Gaspésie, Montérégie, Lanaudière, Estrie and the Laurentians, and particularly in Montreal, Laval and on the South Shore.



Education and support to ensure compliance with the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MHSS) guidelines on PPE

Handwashing and disinfection

Continuous monitoring of compliance with the health regulations in place

Putting on and taking off personal protective equipment (PPE)

Rationing the number of masks used in the field

Making sure that people on the premises are safely and efficiently wearing their mask


Always at the Forefront

Thanks to over 1000 XGuard Security agents and 80 custom security protocols, we were able to eradicate all COVID-19 cases in the facilities we were working at, less than three months after the start of the pandemic.

A Recap of the First Wave

Upon our arrival at the facilities that we were working at during the spring, 75% of those were facing a COVID-19 outbreak. Thanks to our strict protocols and our monitoring of the comings and goings, COVID-19 outbreaks have been neutralized in all those locations.

By working alongside with the personnel and management staff of various institutions, the XGuard Security team successfully eliminated all the COVID-19 outbreaks in the facilities that were affected. In the institutions where there was no outbreak, they all remained unaffected for the duration of our mandates.



Key Issues in This
Time of Crisis

  • Preventing COVID-19 outbreaks in the unaffected institutions
  • Providing a calm and respectful environment to the residents of hundreds of Quebec institutions in those difficult and stressful times
  • Limiting the spread of COVID-19 in affected institutions
  • Ensuring compliance with primary health measures
  • Facilitating the medical staff’s work thanks to daily adjustments and a continuous collaboration


XGuard Security
is Taking Charge

For every new mandate :
  • a managing director goes on site
  • the sensitive areas are identified
  • detailed, personalized protocols are developed
All of our staff :
  • is hand-picked based on the mandate
  • is aware of the personalized security protocols for a given contract
  • is prepared for any particularities in the institution (mental health disorders, Alzheimer’s, etc.)
  • has access to an online communication channel
Our supervision team :
  • goes on-site on the first day of the mandate
  • can be reached 24 hours a day through our emergency hotline
  • ensures continuous training in the field throughout the mandate
  • quickly adjusts the protocols when needed
  • provides our clients with a unique peace of mind


Our Achievements

So far, we have successfully:
Confined multiple sensitive areas by setting up safe transition zones, among other things. We confined entire buildings, entire floors, sensitive areas and rooms occupied by infected residents. We also set up a registry to monitor comings and goings. All the red zones we worked in eventually turned to green.

Assisted the medical staff and hundreds of volunteers in their daily tasks. For example, we worked alongside with the nursing staff on infection prevention and control (IPC), in addition to ensuring compliance with crucial PPE guidelines, among other things.

Actively contributed to stopping the spread of the virus by creatively adapting to these unpredictable circumstances. We were able to adjust our protocols daily and set up containment areas in just a few hours when needed. Every day, our efforts were geared toward ensuring compliance with social distancing and handwashing guidelines.

In short,

« We want to thank the medical staff and volunteers of the health sector for their crucial work throughout the last months and for their continuous collaboration with our teams in the field. »

A workforce with key PPI knowledge to support your medical staff

Managers in the field to tackle the challenges of the crisis

A versatile team who analyses your needs and adapts on a daily basis

An established customer service with a 24/7 emergency hotline

A willingness to partner with you and combat this second wave of COVID-19

Security protocols developed for the context of your institution

« We want to thank the medical staff and volunteers of the health sector for their crucial work throughout the last months and for their continuous collaboration with our teams in the field. »

A second wave of COVID-19
has now been confirmed.

XGuard Security wants to avoid hospitals, CHSLDs, PSRs and IRs being once again the most affected institutions in the province. We refuse to let our seniors fall victim to the second wave of a pandemic with tragic consequences.

Call us today to benefit from an unmatched protection.

We offer quick and free estimates, and we will make sure to provide you with the resources that you need once the second wave of COVID-19 hits Quebec.

Next steps

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