Mobile Patrol

Mobile Patrol

Mobile patrols are an integral part of a complete security system. When making a place entirely secure, we all first think about the classic watchman at the gate. While unrecognized, the role of a patrol agent is extremely helpful in preventing criminal acts and creating a dissuasive presence, without even mentioning their quick response ability. In the following lines, we will explain how mobile patrols can help ensure optimal security of your goods and facilities by responding to your exact needs and adding value to your security systems.

The role of our mobile patrol agents

The very nature of a mobile patrol agent’s role is to adapt to the environment they work on, which allows for their missions of inspection and surveillance to be in accord with your needs.

Here are a few examples :

 Patrol and secure facilities;
 Conduct security inspections;
 Arrive on site when an alarm is triggered;
 Carry out hazard prevention patrols for dangers such as vandalism or fire set-offs;
 Issue reports;
 Provide operational support and urgency measures during exceptional situations.

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The advantages of mobile patrols

The advantages of mobile patrols

The main advantage of a mobile patrol is that it will be where you need it when you need it. Its mere presence is a deterrent that stops most incidents from happening. Mobile patrols can adapt to a wide variety of environments – office buildings, parking areas, private residences, industrial estates, etc. It is also a worthwhile investment, as mobile patrols, like alarms or security systems, allow for attractive rates with insurance companies. They thus provide the twofer benefit of increased security coverage on site or during events and a cut in overhead expenses.

An essential service in a pandemic situation

In the current pandemic crisis, security services have been declared to be essential services in order to help the public body and private companies in their management of the COVID-19 situation. As such, the XGuard team is able to ensure the correct control of accesses, as well as carrying out missions of prevention and protection of people, goods and facilities, in accord to the specific needs. To do so, we have a team of mobile patrol agents available at any time to intervene.

With a team sharing over ten years of experience in the field of security here at XGuard, we use the best practices and technologies in this domain to protect your property.

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