Security Agents

Security Agents

If you are a business owner, or you are responsible of a storage building, you know better than anyone how essential it is to make sure that your goods are well-secure, so that your company can keep going smoothly. Sometimes, it represents a whole life of work as well as personal and financial investment, so why risk to lose it all? We will detail to you below the advantages of working with a security agency like us so you can stay safe.

Why choose our agency

First of all, as every possible situation is unique, make sure to define your specific needs clearly. A good security agency will be able to provide you with bespoke services adapted to your reality. We are a local company with good experience in the field and we can be contacted easily. Choosing to work with a security agency means delegating responsibility to the security agents on-site. During your first contact, you will be convinced by our company’s ability to deal with a situation at any given time while minimizing the impact on your own activities. In other words, you will be buying peace of mind!

Work and qualification of security agents

As they often are the only people on site for a good part of the day or the night, our security agents are thoroughly trained to face the particularities of the place they will be working at. For this they all have the required training, such as first aid, fire prevention, construction site security and many more on top of all the basics of professionalism – respect, discretion, reactivity and several side tasks connected to the protection of people and goods. Our agents are available at all times, even outside of opening hours.
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We should call you in the next few minutes to clarify your needs and requirements. You will then receive your quote within a few hours.
Interested in our offer? Our regional director – yes, director – will meet with you in person to develop the protocols and ensure the safety of your employees and the smooth running of your operations.
You will be in direct contact with XGuard Security’s regional director. You will get his personal phone number and he will follow up with you to keep up to date with your situation.
Essential allies during crisis

Essential allies during crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic is a perfect example of the necessity of security agents to help the continuation of day to day activities in a specific context. Our agents have the required expertise to ensure the protection of customers and employees while conforming to security norms and sanitary measures as well as adapting to the evolving situation.

Places that benefit from surveillance

Many workplaces require the presence of security agents: building sites, company offices, laboratories, public sector buildings – because, among other reasons, of the confidential information or documents that might be found there.

At XGuard Security, you will find modern security services fitting the modern world. You will have the chance to rely on our team of experts with over 10 years of experience in maintaining secure environments for workers, goods and facilities alike. We also provide a wide array of complementary services to ensure your peace of mind and allow you to focus on your day-to-day business.
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