Vandalism Prevention

Vandalism Prevention

There are numerous risks inherent to the possession of real estate property, first among them being theft and vandalism. Nothing is more frustrating than to see valuable resources being stolen, or buildings deteriorated by hooligans, especially when it could have been avoided for a much lesser cost. We will explain the advantages of working hand in hand with a security agency such as XGuard in order to keep your ownings secure.

Why choose our security agency

First of all, as each situation is different from all others, make sure to define your particular needs. A good security agency will be able to provide you with a bespoke service fitting your specific requirements. We are a local company with over ten years of solid experience in the field of security, and are easy to contact. Hiring a security agency means delegating part of your responsibilities to the agents on site. During your first contact, you will see that our company will be able to convince you that we are able of managing any situation while minimizing our impact on your activities. In other words, you will be buying a perfect peace of mind.
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The advantages of a security service against vandalism

The advantages of a security service against vandalism

The foremost advantage ensuing from the installation of a security system against theft or vandalism is the dissuasive effect that it will have on most criminals, thus preventing most incidents from happening at all in the first place. It does not matter whether you hire guards to patrol your grounds or you install a surveillance system, the mere presence of either will convince a great majority of criminals that the place is too tough a nut to crack for them to try it. What’s more, those measures can be adapted to fit a wide variety of situations and locations – office buildings, parking areas, condominiums, industrial parks, etc. Finally, it is also a profitable investment, as it will allow you to obtain more amenable rates with insurance companies.

Work and qualification of security agents

Given the nature of the missions that security agents are made to carry out, it is of the highest importance that they possess the skills required to ensure the optimal protection of the people and goods they are affected to. To do so, XGuard’s security agents are trained to possess a wide array of skills allowing them to protect people and resources, in addition of the essentials of professionalism – respect, discretion, reactivity, efficiency and around-the-clock availability.

At XGuard Security, you will find modern security services fitting today’s reality. You will be able to rely on our team of experts with over ten years of experience in the field of maintaining a truly secure environment for workers as well as for resources or installations. We also offer a wide array of complementary services in traffic signalling and medical security to allow you to live day-to-day serenely and focus entirely on your own business.
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